Black Comedy & White Lies

Thurs 18th - Sat 20th November 2010

Black Comedy - a play by Peter Schaffer, directed by Gill Reid

The play is a farce set in a London flat during an electrical blackout.

Struggling artist Brindsley Miller and his fiancée Carol are having a party with the aim of impressing Carol’s bombastic father, Colonel Melkett, and millionaire Georg Bamberger, who may buy some of Brindsley’s sculptures.

They have borrowed (without permission) the furniture and effects of their neighbor, Harold Gorringe, to make the flat more presentable.

Before the guests arrive the main fuse blows, plunging the flat into darkness; only the audience can see what is happening. What follows includes unexpected visitors, mistaken identities, and surprises lurking in every dark corner! The result is chaotic – and very funny!

White Lies -  a dramatic miscellany, directed by Mike Baker